Tory Leader Blaine Higgs claims victory in New Brunswick's provincial election

Tory leader Blaine Higgs claimed victory tonight with a minority government after waiting for the polls to all officially report which made for a long night.  Once all the votes were officially counted, Elections NB results were, 22 PCs, 21 Liberals, 3 Greens, and 3 People's Alliance.

Election analysts did not expect third parties to play such a dramatic role.  Liberals votes were split among the Green candidates, and PC votes split among the People Alliance candidates, causing a minority government senario.  This has not happened in New Brunswick since October 9, 1920.  There were serious close calls with PC incumbents especially in Miramichi that almost went to the People Alliance candidate. Southwest Miramichi Bay du Vin encumbent Jake Stewart (PC) was finally declared the winner.  He was trailed by People Alliance candidate Art O'Donnell.  At midnight the last poll in the Miramichi riding reported that Stewart won and the election was finally closed with a win for a PC minority government.  There was a 35 vote difference in that race.

Now begins the arduous recount procedures on close races, however, on governning, the party with the most seats is mandated to form government and it will form a minority government. NB Free Press is expecting the Tories to court the Greens.  The People's Alliance is quite problematic for the PCs due to their linguistic policies.  The PCs feel it very important to keep Francophone support. The Tory's have had 4 years of experience working with the leader of the Green Party, Mr. David Coon, with Mr. Coon historically aligning his views with the PCs against the Liberals in that last legislature.

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